Barn Blueprints

by Joe on January 25, 2012


Barns have been a staple in American architecture for centuries.  Originally, barns were created to house livestock.  The animals would rest on the lower ground level and the upper exterior walls would house the hay or food for the animals.  Now, many people are modeling their homes from barn blueprints, restoring an existing old barn, or using old barn materials in their home remodels. 


Barns offer a classic style for a house and prove to be a highly functioning home.  Typical barn blueprints include a gambrel roof.  This type of roof has symmetrical sloping sides of the roof and maximizes the interior space.  About half to one third of the barn’s main floor is vaulted creating a beautiful living and dining area.  The top level usually houses the bedrooms and an open hallway can be incorporated to wrap around the interior top level. 

Most barn blueprints call for the main construction material to be wood (although some are made from steel).  If you are restoring a barn, wood will be your most likely material.  Restoring the wood to its original form can be tedious and pain staking, however it will all be worth it in the end.  Wood adds to the rustic charm of old barns.  In fact, it is wood that is most frequently salvaged from old barns and repurposed as decorative headboards, floors, or ceiling beams. 

If you’ve decided to restore a barn or build a barn from scratch, it will be important to have a well thought out plan.  There are hundreds of existing barn blue prints available today.  The challenge you will face is finding the right one for you. 

Here are three great spots to find Barn Blueprints for sale.  We’ve check them all out and provided a quick explanation of each company. 

  1. Blueprints for Houses, Cabins, Garages, and Barns -  Blueprints for houses, cabins, garages, and barns is a robust resource for blueprints.  You will virtual find any blueprint you are searching for here.  Each will come with a detailed blueprint that is ready for action!  
  2. PDF Barn Plans: Custom Barn Plans and Blueprints – John from Barn Plans and Blueprints offers a great variety of barn options including all shapes and sizes.  He has a great list of testimonials on his website that are will to attest his blueprints.  All are easy to read, comprehensive, and include detailed pictures.  
  3. 61 Small Barn Plans – Donald from 61 Small Barn Plans has great options for building a storage shed, garage or small apartment in a barn style.  His plans are comprehensive and all come in an easy to read PDF format.  


Garage Plans (Some Free)

by Joe on January 24, 2012


There are many reasons to build a garage.  It can save you time by no longer needing to scrape your car clean of snow and frost every morning before work.  It can also protect your car from harsh weather elements like hail. A garage will not only offer you storage and protection for your cars but also for other household, yard tools and sports equipment.  In addition, you can customize your garage to fit your needs.  Some creative ideas for your garage are adding an organized tool area, potting station, or storage closet for boots and winter jackets.

The first thing to decide when planning to build a garage is whether you are attaching the garage to an existing structure (your house) or building a garage plan from scratch (bottom up).  Adding to an existing structure or expanding your current garage (to include you and your wife’s car) requires less work, time and money.  If you plan to take the route of expanding on an existing garage plan, then your best option is to create your own garage plan to match your existing structure.  You can hire a contractor to complete the job, or tackle the planning yourself.  Adapting one of the below garage plans is also an option.  Make sure to include similar siding, roofing, landscaping etc to match your existing house structure.

If you are building a garage plan from scratch then there are many options to consider.  The most important thing will be deciding what the purpose of your garage will be, the design (should or is it necessary to match your current house’s existing design), and how much time and money you want to spend on the plan/ project. 

Some possible purposes for your garage are heavy duty, a garage with an apartment, a garage fit for a recreational vehicle, boat or uniquely sized item, or a garage that includes a shop such as a car work area or wood shop. 

The design of your garage might not seem important now, but for the resale value of your home, it will be.  Garage plans that match your home or fit into your existing home décor will add the most value to your home.  To match appropriately pick similar siding, design elements, and coordinating colors to your existing house structure. 

Below are the best available and highest rated garage plans for all types of garages.  We tried to include some free garage plans to help those who are trying to stick closely to a budget.  Do not forget though, that it could save time and resources in the long run to purchase a garage plan. 

  • DIY – Garage Building (free) – You can explore this website to find the garage plan you need.
  • Garage Plans with Apartments - Building a garage with an apartment is a great option for expanding the square footage of your house.  You could use the garage for a mother in-law suit, rental apartment for income, or simply extra storage!
  • Garage Building 101 - Here are many different garage plans to choose from depending on your home improvement project.
  • PDF Garage Plans – This site offers great plans that are very cost effective.  
  • DIY Network Garage Plans (free) – If you watch the TV show then this might be a good place to start!


Gazebo Plans

January 20, 2012

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Prefab Shed’s Come into their Own – This is not your Grandmother’s Shed

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Suncast Sheds

January 16, 2012

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Outdoor Sheds

January 15, 2012

  If you are running out of room in your garage or simply want to become a more organized person, building an outdoor shed is a great option.  An outdoor shed adds square footage to your home and can help you organize hobbies, tools, outdoor equipment, bikes, gardening supplies, etc.  An outdoor shed is also [...]

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Shed Design Plans – Looks & Architecture

November 21, 2010

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Don’t Build a Shed!

November 21, 2010

…Until you’ve read these ten things contractors know BEFORE they start a shed project.

Maybe you’ve designed your own shed, or found the perfect plan for an attractive addition to your backyard, but unless it’s your 2nd, 3rd or 50th time framing and raising a shed, make sure you’ve got these ten items under control before you start putting in a foundation or sawing beams. Any of these issues can seriously pro-long or even derail your shed project, so you’ll thank yourself later for “measuring twice, cutting once” in both your prep-work and your construction!

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